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The best place if you are looking for rettuba on the whole web - really.
There is everything you want to know about rettuba, just browse to see.

Okay, but wait.. what the hell that 'rettuba' is? Well.. nobody knows except guys from Turkey. You are from Turkey right? I knew that. So please tell us. What is that magic rettuba thing everybody from Turkey is looking for?

Now look, it has to be a very rare thing. See, if you use google, you will find nothing. So what does it mean? Well.. I don't know. Is it a turkish bird's name, maybe a porno star's name, or maybe a new subculture? If only I could ask.. wait a minute! We are using computers, internet, browsers - we can ask a turkish guys that come here to tell us what that mysterious rettuba is! Great!

Ah but who wants to prepare this.. Okay, nevermind - looks like not this time.. Maybe somewhere in the future.. will get to know what the rettuba is.

Last changed on: 29 Dec 2007

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